General Description

Pharmacy residents have had a long history of participating in the didactic and experiential education of pharmacy students.  The residents who are most successful take the time to understand Roseman’s unique educational model and the pedagogy behind the development of the unique features.

Approximately half of all residencies affiliated with colleges of pharmacy offer certificate programs in teaching.  The faculties involved in this teaching certificate have also completed teaching certificate programs through residency training or professional organizations.

This teaching certificate was set up to follow the guidelines developed by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (Pharmacotherapy 2013; doi: 10.1002/phar.1250).


Rotation Structure

The rotation is self-paced and includes readings and reflection papers followed by exposure to educational literature and a group facilitation experience.  This process is the build-up to the development of learning materials for a real half-day teaching experience with Roseman’s P2 students.

Structured feedback is available throughout the process and shadowing is available as an optional activity.  Residents also participate in the assessment and reassessment process in Roseman’s unique mastery learning model.  The experience culminates with the completion of a teaching philosophy statement.

Pharmacy Teaching Certificate