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Is the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) required?
The PCAT is no longer required for admissions to the College of Pharmacy. PCAT scores are accepted and considered for applicants who submit their scores.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree required?
A Bachelor’s Degree is not required but is recommended.

Are letters of recommendation required?
No, letters of recommendation are not required but are highly recommended.

Does Roseman participate in PharmCAS?  If so, is a supplemental application required?
Yes, you must apply through PharmCAS, and yes, you must complete a supplemental application.

Is pharmacy experience required? Do you give preference to candidates who have pharmacy experience or to pharmacy technicians?
No, Roseman does not require applicants to have pharmacy experience. Candidates without pharmacy experience have the same chance of receiving an invitation to interview for the program as those with pharmacy experience.

I am reapplying to the program – will it help or hurt my chances for receiving an offer of admission?
The Pharmacy Admissions Office evaluates all applicants using the same formula. It will not help or hurt your chances of getting an interview.

I am not a resident of Nevada or Utah, can I still apply?
Roseman accepts applicants from all 50 states and abroad. Tuition and fees are the same for ALL students. Applicants who complete the Declaration of Nevada or Utah Residency form and submit the appropriate documentation establishing they are residents of Nevada or Utah will be given additional preference in the interview selection process.

I finished my prerequisites over seven years ago. Will they be accepted?
Yes. It is recommended however, that all coursework be completed within six years of the time of application to the program.

Must I have all the prerequisite courses completed before I apply?
No, but you must have a plan in place which allows you to complete all requirements prior to entering the program. At least five of the eight science/math prerequisites must be completed by December in order to apply for the next fall enrollment. You may enroll in classes through the summer prior to entrance to fulfill requirements.

Can I take prerequisites at a community college? How do I know if the prerequisites offered at my college will satisfy Roseman’s requirements?
Yes, coursework can be taken at any accredited community college or university. If you have any questions whether a course you have taken or are planning to take meets the prerequisite requirements, please check the Transfer Course Guides.

What do I need to do to be eligible to obtain a Nevada or Utah State Board of Pharmacy Intern License?
Applicants must be eligible to obtain a NV or UT state board of pharmacy intern pharmacist certificate of registration in order to enroll in the program. Applicants who have any of the following conditions should check with the appropriate state board before applying to the program:

If you have you been diagnosed or treated in the last five years for a mental illness or a physical condition that would impair your ability to perform any of the essential functions of your license, including alcohol or substance abuse; if you have been charged, arrested or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor; if you have been a subject of an administrative action whether completed or pending; and/or if you had a license suspended, revoked, surrendered or otherwise disciplined, including any action against your license that was not made public.

The College of Pharmacy will help you apply for this license.

What is academic forgiveness and who is eligible to request this option?
To improve your overall and/or science/math prerequisite GPA’s, anyone who has taken coursework five (5) years or longer since the date of applying to Roseman is eligible. However, applicants making this request must complete all 10 required prerequisites within the last five years, including English Composition I, and Speech. Transcripts from all post-secondary education institutions are still required. Pharmacy applicants requesting academic forgiveness are then evaluated using the same admissions formula. There is no deduction of points for requesting this option.

Do you require a seating deposit?
Applicants granted admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy program receive a formal written offer from the Assistant Dean of Admissions & Student Affairs. The Admissions Office, when making an offer for admission, notifies a candidate of the appropriate deadline s/he must meet to formally accept the offer, and when to submit a tuition deposit to secure a seat in the class.

Do I have to fill out a separate supplemental application for the Nevada and Utah campuses?
No.  Only one PharmCAS application and one supplemental application is required to be considered for both campuses.

How will I know if my application has been received and complete?
An e-mail will be sent after your supplemental application packet is received by the Admission Office.

May I call your office to find out the status of my application?
The best way to contact the Admissions Office is to email

When will I know if I will get an interview?
The Pharmacy Admissions Office invites candidates via e-mail for interviews and may continue issuing invitations through June.

I’m making changes to my contact information. How do I notify you?
You must inform the Roseman College of Pharmacy Admissions Office at in writing of all changes to your address and phone numbers. Please include full name, plus old and new information.

Are both the Henderson, NV and South Jordan, UT Campuses accredited?
Yes, both campuses have the same program and are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Visit the ACPE website for more information.

May I attend your program part-time?
No, students must attend our program full-time.

Is health insurance required? Where can I go to learn about the Roseman Student Health Insurance Plan?
Yes, health insurance is required. If you do not have health insurance, you must obtain it through Roseman. Please read the Student Health Insurance page for more information.

What year do clinical experiential rotations start? Can I complete rotations outside of Nevada and Utah?
While our curriculum features exposure to pharmacy practice in the first two years of the program, the third and final year emphasizes rotation in a variety of clinical pharmacy practice settings. Students already enrolled in the program may contact the Office of Clinical Programs to request to complete rotations out-of-state. However, the College of Pharmacy makes no guarantees that it will be able to grant these requests.

Is on-campus housing available at Roseman?
On-campus housing is not available; however, there are many apartment complexes and homes within a 5 minute drive and/or walking distance from both our Henderson, NV and South Jordan, UT campuses.

Do I need the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination to apply to Roseman?
ALL applicants must receive a grade of A or B in the English and Speech prerequisites in order to be enrolled. Therefore, the TOEFL test is not required or accepted.

Can I apply to Roseman if I am an international student?
Yes, if you have an F1 visa status, an I-20 and a U.S. social security number.

I have completed coursework outside of the United States. Should I have my international transcript evaluated prior to applying?
Yes, Roseman University prefers all international coursework be evaluated by World Education Services (WES).  Select the WES “course by course” evaluation with grades.  Please do not submit foreign transcripts to Roseman University.

Do you accept out-of-state students?
Yes. We accept both international student(s) and applicants from all over the United States. As long as they have completed the prerequisite requirements and earned at least a “B” in all English and Communications courses and a “C” or better in Math and Science prerequisites, they are eligible for our program. Each out-of-state student who has decided that Roseman University is their top choice may apply early to be considered for early admission. However, the application is binding, and you must enroll if accepted. You may only apply for one program but have the opportunity to be accepted before other applicants, guaranteeing you a spot in our program for the next semester.

Do you accept transfer students?
We do accept transfer students but only on a case by case basis. Applicants are not accepted in the middle of blocks and must complete their current set of classes before being considered for our program. If they have entered the professional phase of a pharmaceutical program, they must have a grade point average of at least 3.0. Each transfer student should fill out a special application form and mail it to the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs. The application should include official transcripts and documented pharmacy coursework.

What grade must I receive in my prerequisite courses for them to qualify?
You must have completed 60 hours of prerequisite courses at an accredited college overseas or in the United States. To qualify for our program, you must have completed basic English, Math, and Science courses with acceptable grades. You must have earned a “B” or higher in Speech and Communications courses as well as in English Composition I. You also should have received a “C” or higher in all Science and Math prerequisite courses to be eligible for our program. The final grade point average for your prerequisite courses must be at least 2.8 for you to be considered for admission into Roseman University’s College of Pharmacy.

Are there scholarships available?
Yes, scholarships are available through a variety of mechanisms.  We have merit-based scholarships that are awarded annually to students that display excellence in and outside the classroom.  We also have diversity scholarships that highlight our commitment to increasing the number of underrepresented minorities working in the profession of pharmacy. Our Financial Aid Office is available to help you with any additional questions about financing your Doctor of Pharmacy education.

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