Admissions Applications

  • Early Decision Application Opens: July 18, 2019
  • Early Decision Deadline: September 3, 2019
  • Regular Application Pool Deadline: February 3, 2020

There are two applications you must complete to apply to the program:

  1. An application through PharmCas
  2. Submit Roseman Supplemental Application

Admissions Application Process

  • Submit your PharmCas and Roseman Supplemental Application on or before the specific deadlines.
  • Students are encouraged to apply well before the application deadline. The Admissions Office will process and evaluate applications it receives before the application deadline. You will be notified via e-mail when we receive your application.
  • The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) if required.
    • PCAT for Early Decision Applicants: required to completed on or before July 12, 2019
    • PCAT for Regular Pool Applicants: required to completed on or before February 14, 2020

Note: We will accept applications with coursework in progress. Five of the eight math and science prerequisites must be completed by the end of December for Regular Pool applicants.  However, all ten prerequisites must be completed at the time of enrollment. You must submit an official transcript documenting the final grade earned in any prerequisite class that was in progress when you submitted your application. Please read through the application materials carefully. Any mistakes or omissions will result in a delay in processing your application.

It is expected that interviews for the Roseman University of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy will continue until April. The Admissions Office will contact selected applicants by phone or email to schedule an interview date and time. Therefore, it is essential that you notify the Admissions Office if you change your address, phone number or e-mail address after you submit your application.

Applicant Code of Conduct Policy

The Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs reserves the right to adjust an applicant’s admissions status, disqualify an applicant from admissions consideration or rescind an offer of admission at Roseman should the applicant violate the PharmCAS Applicant Code of Conduct and/or demonstrate a lack of professionalism during the admissions process.

Academic Forgiveness Policy

An applicant can request that the Admissions Office use only your grades from the last five years to calculate overall and prerequisite grade point averages (GPAs).

Example:  If you apply for Fall 2020, and request academic forgiveness (to request this, you must check the appropriate box on the Roseman application), grades before January 1, 2015 will not be included in the calculation of your overall and math and science prerequisite GPAs.  Your credit hours are still valid and any degrees you have received will still be counted.

However, applicants making this request must have completed five of the eight math and science prerequisites by the end of December and all 10 required prerequisites, including English and Speech, within the last five years.


Student Selection Criteria

When the Admissions Office at the College of Pharmacy at Roseman University receives a complete application, they utilize the following criteria to determine which applicants are invited to interview:

Academic Achievement

  • Overall GPA
  • Science and Math prerequisite GPA
  • PCAT score or Bachelor’s, Master’s, or other Doctoral level degree

Note:  Local residents of Nevada or Utah will be given additional preference in the admission selection process. Roseman University accepts applicants from all fifty states and abroad.  Tuition and fees are the same for ALL students.

An applicant’s academic achievements will determine if they are invited to an on-campus interview.  The College of Pharmacy typically interviews until April.  Applicants are interviewed by a panel that consists of one faculty member and one student from the College of Pharmacy.

Through various questions, the panel assesses the applicant’s strengths and abilities in their:

  • Understanding and motivation for pharmacy
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Working within a team
  • Oral communication skills

Based on a comprehensive review of an applicant’s academic achievements and interview assessment, the Admissions Office, with the Dean’s final approval, will offer admission to the most competitive candidates.  Offers of admission can be made through August.  A wait list may be maintained until the beginning of orientation.  All admissions decisions are final.

Equal Opportunity Statement

Roseman College of Pharmacy seeks to admit a diverse student population with demonstrated academic competency and commitment to the profession of pharmacy.  As such, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, age, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status in any of our policies, practices, or procedures.


Deferred Admission

The Admissions Office will consider granting deferred admission in extenuating circumstances that would preclude an applicant from beginning classes at the start of the academic year.  Requests for deferment will be considered on a case-by-case basis upon an admitted applicant’s written request.

An applicant who requests and is approved to defer admission is considered under obligation to enroll and attend the pharmacy program the following year.  Applicants can only request to defer their offer of admission once and that deferral, if accepted, will only be valid for the next academic year.

Only applicants who accept an offer of admission and paid the tuition deposit will be considered for a deferral request.  You will be required to sign an agreement contract certifying that you will not apply to, attend or hold a deferment at another College or School of Pharmacy.  Violations of this contract will result in the deferment being revoked.

Deferral requests must be made no later than July 17, 2020.

For any questions please contact:

Lisa Ngo, BS
Admission Specialist
Office: 702-968-2007
Fax: 702-968-1644